A successful first Barracuda Tour in China


Le BARRACUDA TOUR s’exporte en Asie

Last October, in Qingdao in the province of Shandong.

The Barracuda tour village has just moved to the first Chinese marina built for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Everything was organised by Cape-10, our local BENETEAU dealer, which prepared the event.

For two days, Barracuda owners, customers, partners, local fishing club members, and journalists met up for this one-design fishing competition.

Surrounded by the public, their family and friends, the participants learned about sport fishing and fishing equipment on board the Barracudas, following western rules that are not always easy to teach!

 Adapting to local customs helped successfully marry the strong local fishing culture with the competitive spirit of the Barracuda tour, much to the delight of its participants and audience.  

Located nearly 26 miles offshore in the Yellow Sea, the fishing spot, around the small island of “ChaoLian Dao”, lived up to the event, and the catches were good (base and umbrines were among the winners’ achievements).

Two Barracuda Tours are planned for next year in China, one in the spring and the other in autumn.

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