Beneteau four peaks race brings seamanship and tenacity into play

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On the chilly morning of Saturday, February 3rd, 19 boats arrived in Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong, ready to participate the most iconic contest in the region — 2018 Beneteau Four Peaks Race. The challenges included sailing approximately 100 nautical miles, conquering four rugged mountains without clear trails, one sleepless night, time constraints, and fickle weather conditions. Nevertheless, the excitement and camaraderie of the race attract competitors come back year after year.

Unique in Asia, the Beneteau Four Peaks Race is a challenge of endurance, skills, smart tactics, and most of all teamwork. Each crew is required to conquer four landmark peaks. Over the course of the day and night, the boats sail to the islands, where the runners are dropped off to race in kayaks on the beaches and master the peaks for each round. Completing the race itself is a great achievement for each crew. This longstanding contest is at heart of Hong Kong’s yachting culture, and has gained a strong fan base in Asia. This year, three Beneteau models crossed the starting line – a Sense 46, a Sense 50, and a First 50.

The Four Peaks race demands significant effort from all the participants, volunteers, and organizers. It requires solid seamanship and tactics from the competitors as well as race stewarding and safety provisions from the organizers. It has been run by the well-known Aberdeen Boat Club for 34 years in a row, since 1985. As a strong supporter of sailing events in the region, Beneteau  appreciates the uniqueness and tenacity of the race. Since the 2017 edition, it has been a title sponsor as well as a participant. Generous support also comes from Simpson Marine, Beneteau’s regional partner.

A prize-giving party will be held at the Aberdeen Boat Club this Friday for competitors, friends, families, and partners to celebrate their hard-won sporting victory. 

Sign up now for the next edition! It promises to be an unforgettable experience. For more details of the 2018 Beneteau Four Peaks Race, please click here to watch the video. (provided by China Daily)

Published on 02.03.2018