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Beneteau Yacht Club

Are you a Beneteau owner ? You boat will open new horizons

Through the BENETEAU Yacht Club, you will be able to make some of your dreams come true and to share your passion.

There are at least 5 good reasons for registering to be a BENETEAU Yacht Club member:

1- The member directory: remaining among friends.

2- The owners’ blogs: talking with sailors

3- Between US: Change your horizons and your boat anytime you feel like it.

4- News and exclusive information: secrets and new items for your eyes only.

5- Shopping: special rates on the whole of the Bénéteau Boutique.

You are not yet a member? Register below.

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BETWEEN US: exchange your dreams

between us

Feel like sailing other seas?

Feel like discovering other Bénéteau boats?

The BETWEEN US boat exchange service is just what you need.

Visit the Between Us website

BENETEAU Yacht Club: already three awards


2009 - Grand Prix Stratégies - 1st Price - Relational Marketing Category

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2009 - Marketing Magazine - 2nd Price - Relational Program Category


2010 - E-marketing Awards - Best Loyalty Strategy